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Welcome to the site map for Dawtrina.com. Here's where you can find quick links to everything in one place.

Apocalypse Later

Apocalypse Later Empire

Apocalypse Later Book Reviews
Apocalypse Later Film Reviews
Apocalypse Later Music Reviews

Apocalypse Later International Fantastic Film Festival
Apocalypse Later Roadshow

Apocalypse Later Press
Apocalypse Later Now!

(Auto)Biography and Family History

Index page to my biography and family history section

Names in the Mist, people and places who matter from my dim and distant past
Michael H. N. Astell - Autobiography, remembrances from my father's deathbed
Norman Francis Astell and the Raiding Support Regiment
Greek Adventure by Jack Gage, a book relevant to Norman's work
John Astell (1839-1916), my twice great grandfather


Hal and Dee at the Movies, including lists, ratings, quizzes and useful pages

Top 100 Films Lists, official starting points for exploration
Indices and IMDb links for DVD Box Sets
Setting Up a Watched Film List in MS Excel

The Musical Box, including articles, lists, mixes and quizzes

The Friday Rock Show, playlists from Tommy Vance's Radio 1 show
Why the RIAA is Obsolete and You Don't Have to Care
My Gig List, personal list of all the gigs I've attended
Encyclopaedia Eclectica, a set of versatile mixes

The Last Page Bookshop, including bibliographies, reviews and articles

Smithland, the most complete Guy N Smith bibliography on the web.
The Horror Reviews, obscure horror novels
Horror Pseudonyms, list of all I've tracked down
Covered in Blood, horror bibliographies with covers from the 1970s and 1980s


Index page to Writing

Apocalypse Later Press, publisher of my books
The Million Word March
Scribbles, my short stories, poems and peoms, including the Dawtrina stories
Doc Savage Runthrough, one book per month in pulp publication order


Cosmo's Conundrum, my home away from home as the millennium turned
Articles about the village of Barkisland, near Halifax in Yorkshire
My Portfolio of Sites designed, created and hosted

Last update: 23rd April, 2019